SUSTCERT4BIOBASED and WaysTUP! have recently established a synergy! Both projects share the goal of contributing further to a greener economy with the bioeconomy having the protagonist role on this journey.

Waste prevention and reduction are not the only elements where we should focus when uptaking circular economy practices. WaysTUP! οvercomes the usual sector and/or product-focused approach and sets the stage for a system change along the diverse value chains. The project’s goal is to bring together multiple stakeholders and establish new value chains that will change the citizens’ perception of using bio-waste as a local resource.

The vision of WaysTUP! to use different feedstocks to create new bio-based products derived from urban bio-waste takes place in 7 pilot regions in 5 different countries. L’alcudia, Valencia, and Alicante in Spain, London in the United Kingdom, Athens and Chania in Greece, Prague in the Czech Republic, and Terni in Italy are the pilot regions of the project where the demonstrations take place.

The project so far has made significant progress. The WaysTUP! team has been in multiple events such as the ROOTS Policy Conference at the European Committee of the Regions and has delivered recently one training on funding opportunities for circular economy initiatives and projects and one training on how to make a perfect pitch for investors.

WaysTUP! and SUSTCERT4BIOBASED are now sister projects and the best is yet to come. Stay tuned!