Are you curious to know which is the new sister project of SUSTCERT4BIOBASED? ROBIN project is now part of our family!

ROBIN project – Deploying circular BIOeconomies at the RegioNal level with a Territorial Approach – aims to empower European regions to shift the way they structure their governance models and assist them to adapt their already existing governance structures to new ones which accelerate the achievement of circular bioeconomy targets.

During this 3-year long journey, 13 partners from 5 European countries (discover the partners involved here will set up Multi-Actor Regional Constellations in 5 pilot regions; the region of Central Macedonia in Greece, the region of Zilina in Slovakia, the Southern Region of Ireland, the region of Andalusia in Spain, and Baden-Württemberg in Germany. ROBIN’s partners will join forces and will combine social innovation practices and accounting in 5 different territorial contexts.

What do both projects have in common?

  • Clear bioeconomy focus
  • Contribute further to the greener economy by offering valuable knowledge in the sustainability certification and regional governance sector
  • Multidisciplinary consortia comprised of academic, industrial, and regional governance partners

ROBIN and SUSTCERT4BIOBASED will unveil together the vision of bioeconomy by:

  • exploring sustainability certification systems for biobased products and
  • deploying circular bioeconomies at the regional level

Discover ROBIN’s vision on its way to co-create novel governance structures and deploy circular bioeconomy strategies ( !!