In order to achieve its objectives, the SUSTCERT4BIOBASED activities will be structured in seven work packages:

This WP will classify biological resources and biobased products and will identify, review and analyze existing international and EU sustainability certification schemes and labels

The WP2 will map and evaluate the most representative biobased value chains and will collect data on global trade flows for (un)certified biobased value chains.

The WP3 will focus on defining and optimizing a monitoring framework for the systematic evaluation of the effectiveness and robustness of sustainability schemes and labels.

WP4 will evaluate costs and benefits of schemes and labels in three selected industrial biobased value chains.

This WP will offer best practices and recommendations for the adoption of effective and robust sustainability schemes and labels.

The activities under WP6 will communicate and disseminate SUSTCERT4BIOBASED results among the main target groups, will facilitate interaction with relevant stakeholders through the creation of the Network of Interest, will establish synergies and will maximise exploitation and sustainability of the project’s results.

This WP will ensure the effective management and coordination of the consortium and will ensure the high quality and on-time delivery of the project’s results.