Is there a way to revolutionize the deployment of small-scale bio-based solutions across European rural regions? Similar to SUSTCERT4BIOBASED, MainstreamBio aims to deploy the potential of bioeconomy and converts small-scale bio-based solutions into mainstream farming practices across 7 European rural regions.

SUSTCERT4BIOBASED and MainstreamBio are sister projects and have joined forces to uncover together the potential of bioeconomy! MainstreamBio’s project team has established regional Multi-Actor Innovation Platforms (MIPs) in Flevoland in the Netherlands, in Lubelskie in Poland, in Midtjylland in Denmark, in Middle and Upper Norland in Sweden, in the South Central part of Bulgaria, in the Valencian community, in Catalonia, in Navarre, in Aragon and in Andalucía in Spain as well as in the Southern part of Ireland. In every pilot region, the pilot partners will utilise a great variety of feedstocks, infrastructure, and expertise along with innovative digital tools used for the mobilization of key rural actors with the aim to co-create sustainable business models which will be in line with the regional potential and diverse policy initiatives.

MainstreamBio brings into play a free access Multi-Actor Innovation Platform and a digital ToolKit which will offer a set of digital skills for knowledge sharing among the different stakeholders. SUSTCERT4BIOBASED and MainstreamBio will contribute further to bioeconomy knowledge from different perspectives.

Stay tuned and discover how sustainability certification for biobased systems and small-scale bio-based solutions will facilitate the deployment of bioeconomy and will accelerate the development of a green economy!

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