ALIGNED project and SUSTCERT4BIOBASED have successfully established a synergy! Let’s see how ALIGNED works towards advancing the biobased sector.

Since October 2022 (end period: September 2025), world-class researchers within Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and system modelling, consultancies, technology and communication have joined forces to advance the scientific field of LCA and collaborate with industries and representatives from five biobased sectors: construction, woodworking, textile, pulp and paper, and bio-chemicals. In a nutshell, ALIGNED will collaborate with industries and representatives from five Biobased Sectors: Construction, Woodworking, Textile, Pulp And Paper and Biochemicals to harmonize and advance the scientific use of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in the biobased sector.

The ALIGNED methodology and framework will be used to model key aspects such as the competition for biomass and land, dynamic and time-specific carbon accounting, and biodiversity and socio-economic impacts. ALIGNED will also develop future energy and resource scenarios derived from integrated assessment models and a consistent approach to uncertainty assessment. All of this, following a 6-step methodology:

ALIGNED has a threefold mission as described below:

  1. To improve, harmonize, and align LCA methodology for the assessment of biobased industries.
  2. To demonstrate the power of the methodology to improve the environmental performance of five specific biobased technologies.
  3. To inform, involve, and empower all relevant stakeholders, enabling an efficient methodological uptake.

ALIGNED & SUSCERT4BIOBASED work towards advancing the biobased sector and this synergy is key for joining forces and standing for an advanced biobased sector!

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