The members of our Network of Interest

I pledge that I will participate in the SUSTCERT4BIOBASED NoI in my individual capacity and as such, I may not delegate another person to carry out the work or be replaced by any other person without prior written agreement with the SUSTCERT4BIOBASED consortium.

I undertake not to divulge any information given in the context of the work of the NoI, unless the SUSTCERT4BIOBASED consortium agrees to release me from this obligation, and to respect the confidentiality requirements.

I declare to accept entirely and with no reservations my appointment as a SUSTCERT4BIOBASED NoI member as described in the Terms of Reference.

I consent that any input or contribution I provide as a member of the SUSTCERT4BIOBASED NoI may be used by the SUSTCERT4BIOBASED consortium for reporting purposes or to align the project’s activities with the needs of the relevant stakeholders.

I consent to the processing of my personal data needed for my participation in the SUSTCERT4BIOBASED NoI.


We would like to invite you to take part in an activity being carried out by the SUSTCERT4BIOBASED project, a 3-year project funded by the European Union within the framework of the Horizon Europe program. Take some time to read this information sheet and if you have questions feel free to reach us.

1.1 What is the SUSTCERTBIOBASED project about?

Biobased products play a prominent role in the transition from a fossil-based economy to a circular economy at an EU and global level. According to an assessment done by the European Commission, biobased products can contribute to a more sustainable economy and could represent approximately €57 billion in annual income and involve 300.000 jobs.  But what exactly are biobased products? Biobased products are wholly or partially made from materials of biological origin. Even though they could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and offer other advantages such as lower levels of toxicity or novel product characteristics (e.g. biodegradability), it is still very important to ensure their sustainability on environmental, social and economic dimensions.
There are plenty of sustainability certification schemes and business-to-business labels that have been developed to track the sustainability impacts of biobased products. However, given the fact that there is no harmonization of these certification schemes yet, the SUSTCERT4BIOBASED project will contribute to defining and promoting the adoption of effective and robust sustainable certification schemes and business-to-business labels. The project will lay the foundation to support a faster and smoother transition to a circular, sustainable bioeconomy! It will do so by developing a monitoring system to evaluate the effectiveness and robustness of
existing certification schemes and labels and assessing the feasibility of adoption of certification schemes and labels by taking into consideration costs and benefits (including internalized environmental and social ones). The results of the project as well as the insights gained along the way will be used to provide recommendations to four key target groups: policymakers, sustainability system community, industrial biobased value chain actors, and regional bioeconomy stakeholders Within the next years the multidisciplinary consortium of the SUSTCERT4BIOBASED project will organise several events and workshops to inform the audience about important findings and updates on the progress of the project. Additionally, a Network of Interest consisting of at least 50 members will be developed to facilitate the international networking, dialogue and knowledge exchange across industrial biobased value chain actors and the sustainability system community.

2. Useful Information

2.1 Is my participation voluntary and what will it involve?

Your participation in the SUSTCERT4BIOBASED project is entirely voluntary. If you decide to participate in a SUSTCERT4BIOBASED activity, you will be asked to sign an Informed Consent Form to collect and process your data. The project will last for 36 months but your involvement will last as long as you wish.

2.2 Purpose of personal data collection

The role of the Network of Interest (NoI) is to provide a platform where members can interact, receive project updates, and share their knowledge and views on bioeconomy and sustainability certification related aspects. To effectively conduct this, we would need to process some of your personal data:

  • Your contact details;
  • Demographics (age, gender, country of origin)
  • Professional information (where you are working, what is your job position, which is the
  • area of your expertise)
  • Personal opinions on the topic

2.3 What we will do with your data

The information you provide is confidential. Your name and professional information (role, expertise) will be visible in our website in the list of Network of Interest members. Your consent form will be kept separate from the observations collected during the course of the project activity. We will share your data with other SUSTCERT4BIOBASED project partners that are involved in the data analysis and reporting process. Once the data is analysed, a report of the findings may be submitted for publication. The project’s deliverables that will be derived by this activity will not include your personal data or any other information that could identify you. The results of this project activity might be also shared with European Union representatives (e.g., the Project Officer evaluating the project’s progress, auditing EU agencies). Only broad trends will be reported, and it will not be possible to identify any individuals.

2.4 Are there any risk

No, there are no risks involved.

3. Access, deletion of information, or consent withdrawal

According to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to request:

  • a copy of your data;
  • correction of your data, if you think they are not accurate;
  • to delete your data;
  • to limit or stop processing your personal data;
  • to give you your data in an appropriate format and transfer them to another organisation.

You can also withdraw your consent and, therefore, your participation at any time without consequences. In case of anonymous data already collected, keep in mind that will be used since we cannot trace the information back to you. Further data would not be collected, or any other procedure would not be carried out in relation to your information. In case you wish to verify the personal data we store, to modify, correct, delete or request a consent withdrawal you may communicate with the responsible partner listed below.

4. Contact Information

e-mail: [email protected]

5. Informed Consent Form

I confirm that I understand that by ticking each box below I am consenting to this element of the study. I understand that it will be assumed that unticked boxes mean that I DO NOT consent to that part of the study. I also understand that by not giving consent for any of the elements, I may be deemed ineligible for participating in this project’s activity.

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